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Helen Bedilu Wedding Dance

Helen Bedilu Wedding ceremony

Helen Bedilu is one of the most decorated Ethiopian actress who has graced dozens of films and television series.

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Health Benefits of Drinking a Milk


👉👉 #Drinking milk is believed to be good for children and not so much for adults. This is wrong. Milk is important for people of all ages.

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👉 👉 “A glass of milk a day!!” It is recommended by many doctors. Milk has been the healthiest liquid for centuries. The calcium it contains is not easily found in any other type of food. Contains essential nutrients for body growth and health. If you don’t like milk, yogurt, cheese and other dairy products can be used.

👉👉 #milk #why is it #useful?

  1. Calcium 📌 Milk contains high amount of calcium. That is why one glass of milk a day is recommended.
  2. Important #Ingredients 📌 It contains other nutrients such as protein, vitamin A, B1, B2, B12, D, choline, potassium and magnesium.
  3. After physical activity
    📌 Drinking milk after physical activity increases energy and strength. It also contains nutrients that are beneficial for muscle mass.
  4. To lose weight
    📌 New research shows that the linolenic acid found in milk helps to melt fat.
  5. For strong bones
    Calcium and vitamin D in milk are very important for bone strength and health. Drinking milk regularly helps prevent cataracts and osteoarthritis.
  6. Disease #Prevention #Capacity 📌 Drinking milk, especially milk, helps to increase immunity and cope with the change of seasons.
  7. cold #and #nasal #suffocation 📌 Studies show that warm milk helps with ulcers. Adding a little peanut is especially good for babies.
  8. beautiful #skin 📌 From time immemorial, milk has traditionally helped to maintain beauty. Various face creams are made from milk. It is especially preferred for facial quality.
  9. hair #health 📌 Applying milk mixed with banana and honey to the hair and keeping it for 15-20 minutes, then washing it has been shown to be a solution for dry hair.
  10. Blood pressure
    📌 Cow’s milk regulates blood pressure with the potassium it contains.

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