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It was revealed that the warehouse rent receipt loan service has come up with a system that solves the problem of financial supply for farmers and producers.

This was revealed when the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, in collaboration with stakeholders, prepared an awareness platform for producers, cooperatives (unions) and investors engaged in agro processing.

Kasahun Shiferau, Director of Small and Medium Enterprise Banking at the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, said that the awareness forum created an opportunity for actors in the sector to meet and work together.

The participants of the forum, who were represented by various unions, said that the Warehouse Rent Receipt Loan Service has come with a new system that solves the financial supply problem that previously hindered them in their work and said that it inspired them to use the service.

A representative of Green Agro Solutions, one of the partners, said that warehouse rent receipt loan service has many benefits and is a good news for the farmers. He also called on farmers and producers to make use of the service.

Warehouse rental receipt loan service is a procedure that is being implemented in cooperation with various banks and other stakeholders including the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia.

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