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Artist Hanan Tariq new stunning photos

Hanan Tariq

Artist Hanan Tariq is a mother of two. But she still looks like a 20 year old girl who is yet to get married. She is stunningly beautiful, a beauty which is widely admired by her fans.


The Addis Ababa City Manager’s Office has announced that the task force established to control illegal waste disposal will start taking action against those who carelessly pollute the city from December 1st.

In a joint press release given today by the Office of the Manager with the task force, it has been pointed out that many encouraging activities are being carried out to sustain the change in the cleaning of the city, and that some individuals, organizations and institutions are having a negative impact on the cleaning process by carelessly throwing away waste.

Under the coordination of the city manager’s office, the task force made up of the sanitation management agency, the law enforcement and environmental protection authority, the trade bureau, the food and drug agency, the traffic management agency and the road authority confirmed that they have completed the preparatory work to implement the legal responsibility in the areas they lead.

Addis Ababa Deputy General Manager Ato Tareqin Workneh, in his capacity as head of office, pointed out that the awareness-raising work done so far to bring about a change in the attitude of the residents has been effective in order to strengthen the cleanliness of the city in a sustainable manner.

Dr. Eshetu Lema, Director General of Cleanliness Management Agency, said that in the past two years, residents understand that waste is a resource and that it is being disposed of in a scientific and environmental-friendly manner. They announced that it was a solution.

The General Manager of the Environmental Protection Authority, Dada Driba, said that there are 47,000 service providers in the city and that the authority is monitoring and supporting them to ensure that these facilities do not pollute the environment.

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