Famous artist Samson Tadesse and Dagmawit Tsehaye wedding

Samson Tadesse (baby) wedding

Famous artist Samson Tadesse and Dagmawit Tsehaye wedding 10th year anniversary.

Due to the lack of fuel in the city of Fiche, the three-legged drivers stopped working

Bisrat Radio has heard that the public is facing problems as three-legged vehicles (Bajaj) that provide transportation services in Fiche city and neighboring cities have been forced to stop working due to the shortage of gasoline. The traders said that they were forced to buy one liter for 80 birr due to exposure.

Inspector Tamru Baysa, deputy director of the Fiche city police office, told Bisrat Radio that gasoline was seized from several businesses in an effort to curb illegal trade. He said that even though they tried to create conflict, a taskforce was formed at the city level to solve the problem.

Due to the shortage of gasoline fuel, despite the forces that have been mobilized to create obstacles in the control of illegal business activities, efforts are being made to resolve the problem by talking with the gas station owners, Desu Nguse, head of the Trade and Market Development Office of the Fiche City Government, told Bisrat Radio. On the other hand, many vehicles that use gasoline fuel are being distributed three times a week in order to overcome the recent fuel shortage, and now they have stated that partial fuel will be imported and distributed to overcome the shortage.

It is said that a committee consisting of police, transport, commerce, revenue and the community has been formed to resolve the conflict between illegal traders and drivers.

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Artist Samson Tadesse and Dagmawit Tsehaye wedding anniversary