Artist Samson Tadesse and Dagmawit Tsehaye wedding anniversary

Artist Samson Tadesse and Dagmawit Tsehaye tenth year wedding anniversary

16 classmates who achieved their dreams from 1st grade to become a doctor

Out of the more than 250 medical students who will graduate from Addis Ababa University’s College of Health Sciences this year, 16 are young people who have known each other since childhood and came together from a school called Wolayta Lika.

They said that they had a special desire to become doctors from a young age, and they have been studying together and supporting each other to make their dreams come true.

The origin of this dream started at the school established by Wolaita Lika in Wolaita Development Association (Wolma).

Among the 16 friends, most of them traveled together from the first grade and a few joined them from the fifth grade and stayed in the school until the 12th grade.

The doctors who say that the teachers of Wolaita Lika School had an irreplaceable role for the level we have reached today, remember that their relationship was not that of a student and a teacher, but that of a parent and a child.

Apart from the efforts of Wolaita Lika School to produce a well-educated workforce with knowledge and vision as far as possible, he also mentioned that the determination to build students with good personality was the basis for their complete personality today.

The doctors who grew up together became stronger after entering the university and spent the last 7 years at Addis Ababa University’s Black Lion Specialized Hospital as a strong brotherhood.

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