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The reason behind Selam Tesfaye divorce

Selam Tesfaye is married to her fiancee threw years ago and now comes the news of their separation. The video detailed the news.

New tax reform news,

The Ministry of Finance has announced the implementation of a tax reform that will encourage electric vehicle investment and importers and benefit the society.

Imported and domestically produced electric public transport vehicles, domestic automobiles and cargo vehicles will be subject to low customs tariffs and will be exempted from value added tax, excise tax and sur tax.

The purpose of the tax reform is to make the rapidly growing number of vehicles compatible with environmental safety in a policy framework, to implement a transportation system that does not harm public health, does not affect the climate and biodiversity, and uses renewable energy sources properly, and to enable electric vehicles to be offered to the public at an affordable price. .

According to the tax reform, regarding electric domestic automobiles, automobiles that are completely disassembled and assembled in the country are completely exempted from customs duty, excise tax, value added tax and sur tax.

Partially disassembled and assembled electric domestic automobiles are subject to only 5 percent customs duty and are completely exempted from excise tax, value added tax and sur tax.

When fully equipped electric automobiles are imported into the country, only 15 percent customs duty will be imposed on them, and it has been decided that they will be completely free from excise tax, value added tax and sur tax.

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