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Ethiopia Noah’s Ark: The House of Suime

In my dear room

About Suime; Artist Suyum Tefera let me pick up two corners of kindness.

He receives his monthly salary. As soon as he receives it, he will go to the debt book registered in his name for the whole month to pay the debt.

Oh name!? He waits in line.

“When you are hungry, say Suime and eat in my name!” He will pay off the debts of his friends. He doesn’t mind. He just wants you to let him know the amount. Often the debt is higher than the salary.

It doesn’t seem to have a life of its own. He just doesn’t mind. He gives up his salary and goes home clapping his hands.

After all, I said the house will go, but even the house may be crowded with his friends who need a place to stay. Suime’s house is not called Noah’s Ark for nothing.

Many have rested with her when they were tired. They brought her the suffering of their time, they punished her, and they made her experience happiness.

Suime won’t even let the ship have a door key lest they be laughed at. The problem is that the door is keyed so that he doesn’t get angry and doesn’t come back.

In her ship, many people said that their anger was lifted from their shoulders and she was praised.

Where did Syume get the heart of loving people?

… It doesn’t seem true when you say it! Suime is more than that. He has been giving his time to his profession as well.

He said, “Make me as the Creator wills, I will not beg!” He says that there are writers, poets, editors, actors, journalists and fans who say that they are on his side with equal voice. I am sure that your health will return with God’s will.

For those who say we will help our beloved veteran artist Seum Fearan:

Seyoum Teffera Beyene
Commercial Bank of Ethiopia
A/c – 1000262806263

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