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New year celebration dance at Ethiopian artists house

This is a collection of Ethiopian artists new year celebration dance.

“Unity Day” was celebrated at the Nairobi Federal Embassy

Pagumen 05 “Unity Day” was celebrated in a grand manner at the Federal Embassy in Nairobi. At the ceremony attended by many Ethiopians living in Kenya, Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia, “We live in love; We shall overcome together!” It is celebrated with the motto.

In his speech at the ceremony, the Ambassador Plenipotentiary of the Federal Republic of Kenya, General Batha Debele mentioned that Ethiopia is the mother of ancient African independence and said that it is necessary for our country to overcome the challenges it is currently facing with the united arms of its people.

Honorable Ambassador Baa, currently our country is being attacked by its enemies from inside and outside. They mentioned that it is being violated which challenges its sovereignty and territorial integrity; He said that in order for our country to successfully pass this tough challenge, we should strengthen our culture of unity, solidarity and family, which is the source of our national strength. He said that unlike any other time, we must work together to overcome the undue pressure on our country by the terrorist HHWAT and its henchmen and their agents to move Ethiopia to a better time and realize the dreams of freedom, development and democracy of its people.

Despite the differences and misunderstandings between us in political thought and ideology, we should accept the naturalness of our differences and work closely together on national issues; It can be scorned by politics, but there is no scorn in the country, Silim the honorable ambassador told the participants. They made a partisan call to strengthen the support of the diaspora in the campaign to uphold the rule of law and the existence of the country by the National Defense Army in Tigray.

The representatives of Ethiopian Community One Shadow Association in Kenya said that we must strengthen our unity more than ever to reverse the danger that has befallen our country and move our country to the path of development, peace and democracy. They expressed that they will continue to strengthen our support for our heroic defense forces, who have been engaged in defending the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country in the midst of historical enemies inside and outside the country. They have taken an oath to do so.

Furthermore, they expressed their readiness to support the national campaign launched to continue the results achieved so far by providing humanitarian aid to the people displaced by the war, the construction of the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, and the development of the green footprint. The leaders of the diaspora organization, for their part, have condemned the anti-peace activities of the terrorist group as part of the government and stated that any threats to the sovereignty of the country and our people are totally unacceptable and non-negotiable.

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