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It is said that various neighboring zones are supporting the famine in Konso zone

It will be recalled that Bisrat Radio has previously reported that more than 190,000 people suffered from severe food shortages due to the famine in Konso Zone. In connection with the famine in the zone, especially children under the age of seven have died.

It can be recalled that it has been stated that neither the regional nor the federal government nor the international aid institutions are providing enough support to the aid-seeking community, which has a large number in the district.

Serawit Dibaba, head of the communication affairs department of the zone government, told Bisrat Radio that the neighboring zones of Konso Zone are currently providing various food-related support. In this way, Gamo and Wolayita zones supported the citizens affected by the famine in Konso last week.

In addition, the official said that the support from the state government has also improved, but it is still not enough due to the high number of people affected by the famine.

Ato Serawait added to our station that the expected rains in the winter are not falling on time and due to the failure of farming activities, the famine may continue into the next year.

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