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Selam roman tesfaye

Selam Tesfaye is a well respected Ethiopian artist who has graced several films. She is one of the most wanted artists on the market.

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The residents of Aqaqi Kaliti sub-city started preparing provisions for the heroic defense army and the combined army.

Senior officials of the city and district attended the food preparation program organized by District 3 of the city and encouraged the residents who prepare food.

The chief executive of the city, Dr. Abera Buru, attended the food event and encouraged the residents. He said that many works are being done in the district to support the defense of the country, and he said that the community should stand by the side of our defense forces and contribute to the future support.

The CEO added that you should further strengthen your bravery by donating blood and preparing food.

Lt. Col. Tugast Farede, who was present at the event on behalf of the Defense Forces, said, “I feel proud and honored on behalf of the Defense Forces for your brave support to reverse the attack on us for the 3rd time.”

Danel Seifu, Chief Executive Officer of Ward 3 Administration, said that it is commendable to participate in the preparation of food for the Defense Forces and the Combined Forces, which is losing the honor of the country, and we will continue to strengthen it.

The residents who participated in the food event said that we owe an endless amount of thanks to our defense forces who have sacrificed their lives to protect our country and we will continue to strengthen our support on all fronts.

The residents said that apart from being a degen for the National Defense Army and the Combined Forces, we are being organized and guarding against infiltrators and smugglers.

The food event is taking place in all districts of the district.

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