Artist Kalkidan Abera amazing birthday celebration

Artist Kalkidan Abera celebrated her birthday with her family and friends in a very beautiful way.

Mayor Adanech Abebe officially inaugurated three eleven-story modern buildings that were built in just two and three months!!

In addition to Pagumen, our reason and our message was great. Based on this and our people-oriented plan, we have built nine hundred and 952 houses in just ninety days by coordinating volunteers and today we have succeeded in handing over the keys to all sub-districts, Mayor Adanech said.

In the next new year, we are doing multifaceted coordinated activities to do many works in the 24-seven principle, the mayor said.

kalkidan Abera interview

Our potential is great when we cooperate and work together, said Mayor Adanek, stressing that if everyone is able to fulfill their social responsibilities, we can ease the living pressure of the underprivileged to the desired level.

We have been able to continue our overall development work with the sacrifices made by the members of our national defense forces and the coalition forces that we will not destroy our dear country.

I have no doubt that the future will be a time when only Ethiopia will win and our unity will be stronger than steel.

Mayor Adanech Abebe inaugurated a three- and eleven-story building with a total of one hundred and fifty houses in Ledta Sub-city by Ovid Construction Materials Supply Company and one hundred and sixty-five houses.

Among the three apartment buildings that were inaugurated in Ledata Sub-city today, Oromia Bank, Manaye Construction Company, and Midrock Investment Group covered the total cost of the third building.

Ato Hailu Lule, Chief Executive Officer of Yledata Sub-city Administration, said that the officials at all levels of the city administration have worked together to ensure that this building built by Avid Construction was completed in a short period of ninety days and handed over to the residents.

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