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“I am living life of Mercy” – artist Engdasew Habte (Teddy)

Of course, new faces have appeared in the drama, but the participation of actors such as Abebe Balcha, Mulalem Tadese, Double Gold Sword, Sayat Demse, Kurabah Denek, Emmanuel Habtamu, Kalkidan Tasbu and Solomon Bogale has contributed in calling their fans to the drama.

In addition to this, the actors played a great role in drawing the audience into the story.

It means that it is out of the ordinary approach
The characters of My Shepherd never stray far from the template village where they live. Even if it is Wagayeh, who goes to different cities in search of her son, she goes to small rural towns, not to the city where buildings are hanging.

But this has nothing to do with the audience. The drama is about what most Ethiopians spend every day, going up and down, so it did not create a flaw in the story.

The fact that Shepherd’s story is based on a life outside the city, and the fact that the audience is presented with something different from what they are used to, contributes to its popularity.

This approach to the story in TV dramas and movies has played its part in being out of the ordinary.

Sirak, on the other hand, says that he hears the agenda of making Ethiopian films among many filmmakers, and raises the question that Ethiopian dramas are only made in rural areas.

In the example of the drama of Erandiye, the fact that there are rural villages and cities are not close to him, he argues that it is not a viable idea to choose the countryside just to make it Ethiopian.

In the conclusion, he adds that as a city, there is a way of life where Ethiopian tradition can be seen.

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