Artist Selam Tesfaye son amazing birthday

Amazing birthday celebration by Selam Tesfaye on her son birthday.

Ethio Telecom is said to be the second largest telecom provider in Africa

The CEO of Ethio Telecom, Frehiwot Tamru, is explaining the performance report of his institution in the fiscal year 2014 to journalists today.

He said that Ethio Telecom is making a great contribution to the economic development of the country through its various expansions. According to the CEO, 10 percent growth in telecom or landline users will contribute 1 percent to the country’s economic growth.

According to this, his institution has contributed 75 percent to the overall economic growth due to the expansion, quality improvement and increase in the number of blood donors in the past years. Bisrat Radio heard that he was able to contribute by paying salaries to employees, updating the operating system and other expansions.

The CEO said that the company made payments of 58.2 billion birr last year and paid 18.8 billion birr in taxes. He also mentioned that the institution has repaid 96.5 million dollars or 4.8 billion birr from its loan.

He said that Ethio Telecom is the second largest telecom provider in Africa after MTN. He added that it has improved two ranks from the previous year and ranks 26th among the telecom providers in the world.

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