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The new face of our city, the Pushkin Barn road project, will be inaugurated today.

In Addis Ababa, the city administration has been opening many roads to make the city worthy of its name and international status and to solve the city’s transportation problems.

It is the first in the city’s road history to realize a road project with a long tunnel, which is 3.8 km long and has a side width of 30-45 meters from Alexander Pushkin Square to the end of the barn.

This road, which greatly changes the beauty and appearance of the city, is built with a width that can pass many vehicles at the same time, including Bus Rapid Transit, and a 320-meter long tunnel and a long suspension bridge built above the ground. It highlights the art of road construction technology.

In the past, it did not have any quality road infrastructure except for thin and narrow asphalt that looked like a grassy road in the area. However, the road project has greatly changed the social, economic and environmental aspects of the area beyond the road itself.

It is also known that the city administration is constructing many roads by allocating a large budget for road projects. He will continue to strengthen this and continue to work for the city to be internationally competitive.
We would like to congratulate all the residents of our city!!

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