Ebs journalist Liya baby shower

Sunday with ebs journalist Liya celebrated her baby shower with her team in ebs studio.

According to our promise that we will develop the country even if it is being tested, our mega projects that have been put into operation are generating a source of income and creating a sense of happiness by being a place of communication and entertainment for our people.

Today, more than 5000 people were hosted at Entoto Park, 3000 people at Friendship Square, 2000 people at Unity Park, and 2500 visitors were hosted at Abrihot Library.

State-of-the-art transport headquarters and modern transport service projects being built in Addis Ababa.

In addition to being the capital of our country and African countries, various economic and social activities are growing rapidly in Addis Ababa, so a modern transport facility suitable for this rapid development and diplomatic activity, fully automated traffic flow control and traffic safety control are currently under construction.

The building will be built and qualified for service, and the city’s transportation sector facilities will be located under one roof.

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