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“My greatest desire is to cover the cost of reforesting a barren mountain.”

  • Major athlete Haile Gebreslase

Ethiopia Major athlete Haile Gebreslase said that there is a great desire to reforest a stripped mountain by covering the entire cost.

He also called that private organizations and investors should be widely involved in forest development.

In Ethiopia, since 2011, a green footprint program has been designed and planned to plant 20 billion saplings in four years.

In this program, men, women, big and small, all Ethiopians are participating in planting native and edible fruit seedlings.

Haile Gebre Selase, a battalion athlete who had a meeting with ESA regarding the green footprint program, which showed national unity, said that the seedling planting that is being done in the country is disappointing.

Shaleka Haile, who says that he is a fan of plants and painting, says, “I don’t think anyone can plant saplings like me.”

For this, he took as a demonstration that the places where he built the hotels are beautiful with green plants.

He said that the saplings to be planted are a breath of life for the generations to come in 100 years and beyond.

Athlete Haile explained that he is participating in this national sapling planting at different times like any other Ethiopian.

Apart from that, he also pointed out that he has a great desire to reforest a barren mountain by covering the entire cost.

He stated that some European countries are paying the price due to natural forest depletion.

He said that before Ethiopia becomes a taster of this, Ethiopians should make it a non-election issue to continue the green footprint on a large scale.

Shaleka Haile called not only the government but also private organizations and investors to participate widely in the plantation.

He said that other countries should support the green footprint program that is being implemented in Ethiopia.

It is remembered that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed called for the Green Footprint Program to be widely participated by every Ethiopian, especially investors, apart from the government.

In the past three green footprint programs in Ethiopia, about 18 billion saplings have been planted by involving the people.

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