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‘I want to stay in Ethiopia’ – Rophnan

Rophnan Nuri discuss about range of topics with Sunday on ebs journalist Nafkot.

Addis Ababa: In the fiscal year 2014, the city administration announced that more than 400,000 citizens were employed and 109,000 citizens benefited from the Safenet program.
It was also stated that more than 4 thousand enterprises have been decided and 4 thousand out of 6 thousand problems found in the industrial sector have been resolved.

Addis Ababa City Administration Deputy Mayor Ato Jantarar Abay especially told the Ethiopian Press Organization; The city administration has created job opportunities for many citizens. It was planned to create employment opportunities for 350,000 citizens in the planned budget. This is in the private sector. He considered those involved in government institutions’ recruitment and so on.
However, the city administration paid a lot of attention and increased by 100,000 more than the plan. Various job opportunities have been created for 405 thousand 536 citizens in the fiscal year. He also indicated that 65 thousand 107 of the citizens who have job opportunities are university and college graduates.

According to the Deputy Mayor’s explanation; In addition to the citizens who got job opportunities, 109,000 citizens also benefited from the City Safenet program in the fiscal year. Besides that, he pointed out that 600,000 students are benefiting from the admission program. As this has given relief to many mothers, they assured that it will continue to be strengthened in the future.

Mr. Jantarar stated that the city administration is encouraging manufacturers by following different procedures regarding the sheds. The Enterprise and Industry Development Office has passed decisions to properly use the sheds that are owned by enterprises that are more than five years old. Based on this, a decision was made on more than 4000 enterprises that are five years old and older. Accordingly, those who move to another phase; There are those who release sheds to a successor and those who stay in the sheds they hold as needed.

The Deputy Mayor recalled that the Bureau of Labor, Enterprise and Industry Development coordinated with the Ministry of Industry and organized a movement called “Ethiopia Tamrt”; More than 3 thousand 300 industries were visited by the movement. “We found more than 6000 problems during the visit. We have solved more than 4000 of these problems. The remaining 2000 problems have not yet been solved,” he said.

The Deputy Mayor stated that a discussion was held with those concerned to find out who is the owner of the problems and to facilitate a solution. He pointed out that expansion land, foreign exchange, lack of electricity and resource supply, lack of financial supply, machine supply and other questions are the main problems.

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