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University College of Information and Security Graduates Immigration and Nationality Service Junior Officers

Addis Ababa: The Information and Security University College, which is under the National Intelligence and Security Service, today graduated the junior officers of the Immigration and Citizenship Service.

The Deputy Director General Commissioner of the National Intelligence and Security Service, who attended the programme, stressed that the graduates should be ready to serve the society with sincerity, humility and honesty.

The Director General of Immigration and Citizenship Services, Mr. Burhusef Mulugeta, on his part emphasized that the graduates are responsible for ensuring that citizens have the right to receive the services they deserve in a sufficient manner, quality and speed.

He urged the experts to serve the national interest and security in an ethical manner.

He also stated that the manpower training that has just started for the immigration and citizenship service is part of the implementation of the reform, and he said that the manpower capacity building that has been started to make the service accessible to the society with quality and reliability will continue.

On his part, the President of the National Information and Security University College, Ato Wardawon Kasa, said that the university college has been providing useful and effective trainings for the employment of junior immigration officers.

Mr. Wardwasen said that the university college previously provided short courses as well as diploma and degree level education.

It has been pointed out that the University College is providing information technology training to local stakeholders and foreign equivalent information and security institutions.

Currently, by increasing its capacity, in the year 2015, it received students and completed the preliminary preparations to train them in intelligence, safety and cyber security studies in second degree programs.

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