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Respect precedes love

If love doesn’t work between the couple they should safely leave each other. One shouldn’t be the headache of the other person.

We were in love but suddenly, after he learns what his friends think of me we separated. He told me I am not beautiful to him.

The Mayor of Addis Ababa, Mrs. Adanech Abebe, has inaugurated other human-oriented projects including the 7th Tesep Behren Megba Center in the settlement known as Geja (Keryu) in Ledta Sub-City.

Mayor Mrs. Adanech Abebe inaugurated the 7th and largest Hope Berhan food center in the city, which can feed more than 3 thousand citizens, among the model human-oriented projects implemented in Geja Sefer (Keryu), the most oppressed and hard-to-live area of ​​Ledta District, which is specially supported by the 60-day project. They also opened 8 modern residential houses by rebuilding the poor houses that were there. Also, by changing the business houses that were doing business in the area with very difficult canvas shops with modern 28 business shops; Sheger’s bread and vegetable shop has also been inaugurated.

These projects are linked to the local model of green development and urban agriculture activities, and it is also intended to make the food center get its vegetable products there.

The feeding center will create permanent job opportunities for 60 mothers and 12 security workers, and the construction was done by Medrock Investment Group, it was revealed.

Speaking at this ceremony, the mayor Mrs. Adanech said that today the Memba Center is not only a house and a shop, but it is a work that shows our respect and love for you.

This work is done in the head. The mayor who is thinking of saving her; When we come to leadership the day after the change. When we say that the political ideology we follow is human oriented; If we do not give due respect to human beings, even if we build a project, one day it will collapse. He explained that the work done on people is passed on from generation to generation.

From the point of view of profitability, it is not as some people say, but we can create job opportunities by reducing today’s pressure, and this requires living above oneself, he said.

The mayor said that this project is the most enjoyable of all the projects we have started. Who will change what we are afraid of? Let’s take a closer look; When we came in, they cleaned it themselves. We have seen that working within them wants to change.

Many think that when we attack the people of Addis Ababa with YouTube words on Facebook, they show their love to the people of Addis Ababa.

The mayor said that they are trying to cheat the people
We do not prove that we love the people of Addis Ababa by rumours. He said that it is by doing such a job that he can hope.
Mayor Adanech said that it is not necessary to be an official or an investor to work like this.

If we want real change, we must be showing empathy in action. If we work as hard as we can, we will change. We have shown in this city that we can finish the same building in 2 months where there is a project that took 11 years. (A/A Press Secretariat)

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