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Information Network Security Director General Shumete Gizaw explains the unfairness of the lottery process

Information Network Security Director General Shumete Gizaw (Dr.) commented on the unfairness of the lottery process in Addis Ababa.

Information Network Security Director General Shumete Gizaw, who was in the process of clearing the 20/80 and 40/60 condominiums on July 10, 2014, explained: He said he would like to thank the Addis Ababa City Administration for its efforts as an institution and as an individual for protecting public resources.

Highlights from Dr. Shumete:

Insa has a legal responsibility to lead such activities, he said.

The system is unreliable as it deprives the community of the benefits of living in poverty.

👉 Man builds technology; But we found it to be an unjust system.

The system does not comply with international development standards and has three components: He said it is a combination of user and authentication and is prone to fraud.

The use of the data was intended to be hands-free, but it was found to be overwhelming.

👉 What we can learn from this is that when something is unreliable, we should stop and investigate and take action, and we must continue to do so.

👉 He also stressed the need for leadership ethics and that people should take advantage of the opportunities available to them.

Mr. Hailu Adugna presented a report to the General Inquiry from the Information and Security Agency

👉 The whole system is not professionally designed.

👉 It has been shown that the system does not comply with international standards and has implemented a non-partisan system.

👉 It was all made by one person. It’s done from one laptop to the next.

Even on the day of the lottery, the Internet was accessed.

It was also found that the person who requested the quality inspection did not have the mandate itself.

The applied lottery software does not use even the best alternatives and the method chosen is problematic.

Access to the Internet during the enrichment process, which is completely unreliable

👉 Competitors’ data and handling from banks and homes were problematic and subject to change.

The list of data was in the hands of people for 5 days.

The person who developed the system used the username created by others to prevent them from knowing the system properly.

This person has a hidden software that prevents the error from being reported on the computer. But later he destroyed it.

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