Interesting story of mother and son

I found this question very interesting. Let me take it back.

They all have their own truth from which they arise. Everyone has their own truth because everyone has their own pain.

As you said, I am not a Jewar worshiper, but if you open your heart and listen, the pain he talks about the Oromo people has truth. I sympathize with Alexander because he speaks of the pain of many people, if you open your heart you will understand their pain.

I don’t know where you got what you said to be a fan of Debretion, but if the people of Tigray elect them to govern us, I have a duty to accept them. After all that is democracy. The first season you called Abby a fan, I was really rooting for him. I don’t think I’ve ever written in favor of him. In fact, I find it difficult to take what he is talking about seriously, but I give him the credit he deserves for the work he is doing around the Renaissance Dam & his wife is the best first lady we ever had….. I find it difficult to say that we have had first ladies at her level who have done big projects in a short period of time.

TDF is Tigray youth group. They are my brothers who sacrifice their lives to protect their women from being raped by foreign forces. ENDF are our shields that we can call if foreign forces protect the country. Even if I oppose the politicians above, how can I get rid of them?

Quero literally means young. Oromo youths are usually called queer, so what should I say to all Oromo youths? Fano also means the culture in which the Amhara people have been defending themselves and their country from invasion for centuries, just like the Geda system, which was the system in which the Oromo people governed themselves. So, am I going to insult this honorable Fano by saying that some people have committed a crime in Fano’s name?

Teddy is a man who preached about love as much as he shouted about people. Like everyone else, he can have his own political opinion and that is his right. I really like the music. He is a hero who stood fearlessly for his people and sacrificed himself, I don’t need to explain anything about him. Both have their own understanding of history. I respect their perspective until one day historians study together and tell us a story that we can all agree on, I will continue to accept it.

This is why I say that we are all seekers of peace and love. To my surprise, I have many followers from all parts of Ethiopia. When I write about all of them, one truth about the other helps. Even if he doesn’t understand, I think he will. If we focus on our unity instead of focusing on our differences, what brings us closer than what separates us is more. And we are all poor whites. The only solution is to talk and create an Ethiopia that is for all of us and looks like all of us. Believe me, Ethiopia is enough for all of us. How many years are we going to live with all this hatred? If we open our hearts and try to understand each other’s pain, our problem is much easier. ❤

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