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“I am back to my work, Thank you!” – ebs  journalist Mekdes Debesay

Mekdes Debesay is back to her normal journalism work at ebs after weeks of absence.

Heroic Athlete Commander Gete Wami has written a book on her long career in athletics success and personal life; The book has been translated into Afan Oromo and English and is ready to be read by the author, Abiy Fekibelu.

Graduation Ceremony of this Great Book: Sinke Advertising and Events, which is successfully completing the event, has reached an agreement with the athlete, and Finkosa Yousef and Commander Athlete Gete Wami, the president of Sinke Advertising and Events, have signed the necessary contract for the book launch.

Regarding the income of the book
Athlete Gete Wami’s book “Ethiopian Jewel” has been released in Afar after the book was released. In Amhara: Athlete Gete Wami has donated to charity in Oromia and Somali regions.

What about the athlete Gate Wami
The book titled “Ethiopian Jewelry” is read from the place of birth of the athlete; Reflecting on her school life and the beginnings of athletics; She recounts her tremendous and successful athletic career.

This rare athlete takes a closer look at how she changed the history of her country’s athletics history and how she rose to international athletic success since her debut. We look at how she led Ethiopia’s athletic success with her friends for 20 consecutive years and how she won three medals at the Atlanta and Sydney Olympics.

The book also takes us back in history as a great athlete who won the World Major Marathon with half a million dollars.

Athlete Gete agrees that many athletic experts agree that the 200m starts in the 100m; 400 m; 800 meters then 1500 meters; 3000 meters; 5000 meters; 7 km She competed in the 10,000 meters, the 15-kilometer half marathon and was one of the most successful athletes in the marathon.

Athlete Gete Wami made her debut in Ethiopian athletics history, making her the first Ethiopian athlete to write her own autobiography in book form.

This Ethiopian book is 292 pages long and 324 pages translated into Afan Oromo; We learned that the English translation was 300 pages long.

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“I am back to my work” – ebs journalist Mekdes Debesay

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