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Safaricom will start providing telecom services in Dire Dawa

Safaricom Ethiopia will launch its first telecom service in Dire Dawa in August.

The Coalition led by Safaricom of Kenya on Thursday, June 30, 2014. He said in a statement on his official Twitter account that the telecom service in Ethiopia will be launched in August 2014.

Safaricom Ethiopia has launched its first telecom service in Dire Dawa, but plans to provide telecom services to 25 cities by April 2015.

Safaricom, one of the few telecom companies in Africa, has invested $ 1 billion in Ethiopia since its inception.

Safaricom Ethiopia said on its official Twitter account that it has created job opportunities for 320 Ethiopians so far.

It is to be recalled that Safaricom Ethiopia has previously announced that it will be providing service number 07 on the basis of.

Safaricom Ethiopia had previously said it would start operations in January, but for various reasons it has not been able to do so.

The company cited Ethio Telecom’s failure to reach an agreement on the rental of telecom infrastructure, network latency and other infrastructure delays, among other reasons.

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