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Bole Sub-City Administration has launched G + 4 housing projects with 65 million birr.

Bole Sub-City Administration Chief Executive Officer, Alemtsehai Shiferaw, addressed the gathering. He said the city is in the process of constructing man-made projects that will solve the community’s problems in a short period of time. “Institutions and investors are playing a vital role in realizing the growth and prosperity of our country,” she said.

Addis Ababa City Administration Mayor’s Office Head, Tilahun Worku, on his part, said the ongoing efforts in the city are commendable.

From Alexander, Pushik in Gofa Roundabout: Construction of the new road is nearing completion with more than 99% completion.

Mayor Adanech Abebe, Deputy Mayor, Addis Ababa City General Manager, Tiratu Beyene, Addis Ababa City Roads Authority Head, Eng.

During the planting ceremony, Mayor Adanech Abebe said the new road project will have 3.6 km long and 30-40 meters wide to alleviate traffic congestion in the area, especially in Qera. According to Engineer Moges, the road and pedestrian roads, including the high-speed bus, have been built in line with the standard.

Speaking on the occasion, Mayor Adanech said the road project will be completed soon and will be fully open to the public.

The mayor said the project, which is expected to be inaugurated in the near future, will serve the future of the city for the next three generations.

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