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The technology system that manages the houses of the Addis Ababa City Administration will be officially opened today in the presence of observers and relevant government bodies.

In a bid to create transparency and accountability, the city administration has been embroiled in a series of trials and tribulations, from the process of enrichment to the data collection and lottery.

The lottery was officially opened today in the presence of experts, independent bodies, observers and government officials.

With regard to the major issues that distinguish the current condominium lottery and information technology system
በመሆኑ This system is a safe, transparent and fair system that is designed to be free from human exposure to various illegal activities as before.

 The application is rich in science and technology in Addis Ababa.

 This system implements the Early Benefit Determination fairly and is designed in such a way that it identifies the sections of the community that need special attention in accordance with Directive No. 3/2011.

5 5 percent of people with disabilities; 30 percent of women and 20 percent of government employees are expected to keep the balance. Not only that, but it also identifies competent and active Eligible Savings by linking them to bank information and treating them accordingly.

In particular, although the PwDs have been included in the lottery before, but like other lottery winners, the system itself has been able to respond by changing the situation of the PwDs to the lower floor by changing the way they reach the final floor.

The developed system prevents anyone from adding or subtracting and editing, and Audit protects the system itself from illegal actions and shuts itself down once it has been drawn.

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