‘Music is my freedom’ singer Hewan

Hewan released a beautiful album which is loved by her fans and now boom she is on Ebs TV for an interview. Enjoy this wonderful the with her.

Scholars and investors, including President of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia Abe Abeon, have raised over 3.7 million birr for the construction of a modern library in Arsi Zone.

Indigenous scholars, investors and staff raised funds for the construction of the library on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the founding of Sirre High School.

Indigenous scholars and investors, including the President of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Abe Sano, attended the fundraising event.

Arsi Zone Education Office Head, Hussein Ahmed, said a number of educational institutions are being built in the zone with the participation of locals and the community.

He said the Arsi Zone Indigenous Library, additional classrooms and various schools are being built starting from pre-school to ensure access to quality education.

Indigenous people in the zone should continue their efforts to support and assist the teaching and learning process, he said.

Abe Sano, a native of Sere Woreda in Arsi Zone and President of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, on his part said the fundraising drive was carried out to help Sire High School have a modern library and help build the next generation.

In particular, he said, it is to compensate the woreda community for what it has taught us and to give morale to the next generation who are in the process of teaching and learning.

He said the woreda’s indigenous people, investors and scholars have raised more than 3.7 million birr for the school’s modern library on the occasion of its 50th anniversary.

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