Hanan Tariq amazing on wedding dance

Famous actress Hanan Tariq is known for her amazing dance skill and fashion love.

Work is already underway to prevent winter floods in Addis Ababa.

In order to alleviate the worsening winter floods in Addis Ababa, the administration has set up a flood prevention task force by identifying areas that may pose a greater risk.

Accordingly, the city has identified a number of flood-prone areas and is carrying out various precautionary measures.

Therefore, we urge the public to take special precautions during the winter, and the city administration urges us to work together to implement possible solutions according to the local needs.

Let’s prevent winter floods together !!

The 8th city-wide physical activity was held in Lideta sub-city under the theme “Addis Ababa City of Peace and Solidarity”.

The exercise was attended by senior city leaders, sub-city and woreda leaders, and various sections of the community.

Speaking on the occasion, Addis Ababa City Administration Youth and Sports Bureau Head, Abraham Tadesse, said sports strengthens love by involving all sections of the society.

Sub-City Chief Executive, Asegedew H. Giorgis, on his part, said the city and sub-city are indeed a city of peace and solidarity.

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