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“We will work hand in hand to enrich our city by serving our people efficiently by strengthening service competence and readiness.”
Mayor Adanech Abebe.

Civil Servants’ Day was held at Meskel Square in the presence of Mayor Adanech Abebe, senior government officials and staff at 12:00 am under the theme “Efficient and Healthy Leadership and Civil Servant for Excellence”.

Speaking on the occasion, Mayor Adanech Abebe said Addis Ababa is a city of love, solidarity, unity, tolerance and prosperity.

Addis Ababa City Youth and Sports Bureau and Addis Ababa Public Service and Human Resource Development Bureau delivered a message on the joint program. He said there should be a civil servant with an active mind and a well-developed body.

“We are committed to ensuring that we serve our people with a healthy mind and competent body,” she said.

“Sport is crucial for a successful citizen by creating an active and competent civil servant and conveying the message that employees should take part in every opportunity,” he said.

The event will take place shortly

Winners of table tennis, football, volleyball and tug-of-war received the trophy during the program.

The program was attended by federal officials, city administration cabinet members, officials, staff, athletes and invited guests.

Ethiopia, let’s dream, let’s build, let’s prepare !!

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