Funeral service for artist Dawit Nega was held

Funeral service for artist Dawit Nega was held today at the Holy Trinity Cathedral in the presence of his family, friends, colleagues and admirers.

Artist David died at the age of 34 yesterday after a long illness.

Artist David is best known for his hymns “Wozamai”, “Zewidero”, “Chokolata”, “Nezellay” and “Babaili”.


All sections of the society were called upon to adopt a culture of voluntary blood donation

Health Minister Leah Tadesse called on all sections of the society, especially the youth, to contribute to the culture of voluntary blood donation.

The Minister made the call in her congratulatory message on the occasion of the 19th International Blood Donor Day, which is being celebrated internationally and in Ethiopia.

She said donating blood is a matter of solidarity. He called on all sections of the community to join the effort to save lives.

“I truly thank you for your valuable contribution to the survival of your people by donating blood,” the minister said in a message posted on her social media page.

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