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Mayor Adanech Abebe visits Diaspora community members, including mega renovations

According to the mayor, the renovation work has been done for the next 60 years with the added value of the renovation.

The mayor said the old look of the municipality is not conducive to the future development of our city and it is not suitable to accommodate its customers, she said.

“We are launching and sustaining development projects that will enhance the overall growth and landscape of our city,” he said.

“We are working together for the overall development of a city and a country with a sense of ownership,” he said.

He said his lending work from the town hall to Meskel Square to Gehar is a clear indication of our efforts to change the face of our city and ensure the overall prosperity of our country.

Mayor Adanech added that during the visit, the current activities of the Enlightenment Library, the current performance of the Adwa 00 project, student nutrition, six food centers built to support the low-income groups, Gulele activities opened to promote handicrafts and pottery, Sheger Bread, Urban Agriculture, Livelihood He briefed the Diaspora community on the ongoing weekend market, the construction of prefabricated houses to meet the demand and supply, the renovation of the homeless and the volunteer service during the summer months.

The new experience of completing mega projects on time is due to the fact that His Excellency Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed wasted his time in the field construction projects and the strict monitoring of the hierarchical tax authority, the mayor said. “We must do our part,” he said.

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