Artist Dawit Nega funeral service

Artist Dawit was a famous Tigrigna singer. He is known for his hit songs such as “zewidro”, and others.

“With the change, our airline has been able to increase its revenue by establishing Corona with $ 1.4 billion,” said Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

Ethiopian revenues have reached 4.7 billion USD since the change, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said.

He made the remarks in response to questions from members of the House of Representatives on current national issues.

Ethiopian Airlines has expanded its reach from 115 to 127; According to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, the revenue has increased from $ 3.3 billion to $ 4.7 billion.

The airline, which had 100 airlines before the change, now has 135 airlines; This, he said, is a result of coronary pressure.

The airport used to handle 6 million passengers at a time, but now has a capacity of 22 million.

He said the number of subscribers in the telecom sector has increased from 38 million to 65.5 million.

He said Ethio Telecom’s profit has increased from 33.5 billion birr to 55 billion birr. He said this has brought an increase of 21.5 billion birr.

He noted that the increase was due to the fact that the company was reducing the cost of services to its customers. “We have not yet achieved everything. We still have a lot of work to do,” he said.

“There has been great progress in the sector, but we still have a long way to go,” said Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in an official Q&A session with the House of Representatives.

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