Selam Tesfaye , Danayit Mekbib and Nafkot

Selam Tesfaye, Danayit Mekbib and Nafkot attended a ceremony at London cafe.

Minister of Women and Social Affairs, Dr. Ergoge Tesfaye said the role of the Awramamba community is significant in the effort to create a productive and productive citizenry in Ethiopia.

The 50th anniversary of the Awra Amba community was colorfully celebrated in the presence of senior federal and state leaders.

“Ethiopia is a wonderful country with many cultures, traditions, arts and social interactions,” she said.
He said a society built on good work culture and values ​​is crucial to the economic, social and political development of a country.

He said Awra Amba is a society that exemplifies the work ethic, gender equality, all-encompassing and cultural differences in the country.
She said the community is a watchdog of peace, high esteem and respect and love from children to the elderly.

“The Awramba community has shown that the greatest resource is the intellectual resource,” said Dr. Ergoge.
“The Awra Amba community is serving as an institute for the development of traditional and cultural activities for the benefit of the country and the promotion of new values,” said Dr. Getachew Jember, Deputy Chief of the Amhara Regional State.

He described the community’s work ethic, hard work, time management, and borderless working relationships between men and women as the core values ​​of the Awramba community.
He called on the international community to work together for the peace and stability of Ethiopia.

“The Awramba community is attracting a lot of individuals, groups, governmental and non-governmental organizations through its symbolic work culture in the region,” he said.

According to Dr. Zumra Nuru, the founder of the community, the goal of the Awramba community is to promote peace and accelerate development.

He said the idea is now gaining acceptance among the people through the implementation of a strong work ethic and non-discriminatory practices.

The Awra Amba community is located in Fogera Woreda, South Gondar Zone of Amhara State and is known for its many working cultures and industries.
The event was attended by senior federal and state officials and members of the community.

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