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Indian Gujrat woman marry her self

This is the first sologamy in the history of India according to local reports. She decided go marry herself because, as she described it, she loves herself so much. She is now 24 years old. She will marry her self and live as a married woman but with her self.

Previously there was a Ugandan girl who made the same decision before three years. How do you see this kind of marriage by the way?


Benefits of getting married at a young age:

Men and women in their mid-twenties are happier in their marriages than others. Young men who are married at a young age are more likely to be rich than unmarried men. The income of married men is increasing.
Reduces the risk of exposure to health hazards. Therefore, married men and women who are young can enjoy a measure of health.

Couples who marry young (in their mid-20s) have a good sex life. During this time of youth, they are more likely to have sex and to fall in love. As you get older, your body strength also decreases, and your chances of having sex become hotter during adolescence.

Couples enter marriage without being hurt by the ups and downs of life. Therefore, there may be no “kot” that you bring from other relationships into marriage.

The chances of each other shaping each other are high. During this time, the two become friends, and because of this, they become friends.

It provides a good opportunity to give birth to healthy babies on time. It is possible to have children in old age, but the parents’ ability to raise them is diminished. The age gap between parents and children also creates a generation gap.

What if young people do not know the time?

Sometimes young people do not seem to be getting ready for marriage at the right age. There are possible reasons for this (we will see in another article later). So the right people around them can do some good things.
• Creating Awareness It is important to educate young people to find out how to get married at the right age. When children enter adolescence, it is important to provide accurate information about marriage and when to get married in connection with life skills training.
• Awakening Some young people do not realize that they are getting older because they are busy with other life activities or because they are comfortable with their current life; They do not think much of the future. So parents, brothers, sisters, friends, or spiritual ministers need to be awakened. This activation can be done in a variety of ways. For example, they might talk about marriage, give counseling, or tell stories. When some get out of bed, they fall into the trap of sexual misconduct. Young people who are not physically active, who are not guided by purpose and plan, who are focused on everyday things instead of thinking about the future, need someone to wake them up.

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