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Ebs TV decision on journalist Mekdes Debesay

Debre Markos University announces that it is working to increase the number of farmers by providing modern agricultural equipment at a cost of 36 million birr.

The president of the university, Dr. Tafere Melaku, told ENA that the university is working to ensure the benefit of the community through its community service activities.

He said the sector is providing various technologies to increase the productivity of farmers and boost the agricultural sector.
He said the university is providing research-based socio-economic assistance to the community alongside its teaching and learning activities.

He said 12 mechanization technologies have been procured at a cost of 36 million birr to help the farmers move away from backward practices.

He said it has supplied four modern tractors, including four tractors, five harvesters and one seeder.

According to Dr. Tafere, the machines will be used by farmers in Kuta and irrigated farms.
He said the university is one of the activities being carried out to assist the agricultural sector by treating acidic soils with lime, adapting the best seeds, and providing a corn threshing machine.

A farmer from Machakele Woreda, Simmework Kase, said he has benefited from the university’s agricultural equipment.
He said that the farming equipment shortened the time spent on oxen farming and greatly reduced their fatigue.

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