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“I cheated on my boyfriend” – Mastewal Wondwossen

Controversial artist Mastewal yet again dropped another point to debate. She used to raise some uncommon agendas for her fans. This time she admitted the reason she broke up with her boyfriend is she cheated on him.

A little about Gurage traditional dress!

(Menur Reshid)


  1. The main category is white. The people of Gurage are historically associated with Ethiopia.

Historically, the people of Gurage have been clothed in the arts, and the whole class has become white.

  1. Ethiopian art in the white class

Ethiopian wisdom is unparalleled as the cornerstone of the Ethiopian people.

The bottom line is that the history of the Gurage people has a significant place in Ethiopian history

By the way, most of the Gurage mothers used to wear art and still wear it

  1. The category of wisdom is yellow. The reason why yellow was chosen is that yellow is a medium in color and its main meaning is’ hope that the people of Gurage will always fight with all hope and perseverance.
  2. Wisdom has a ‘diamond’ symbol on the yellow background. Diamond was chosen because the Gurage sages used the diamond symbol in many materials and in the art of dressing.

For example, in Gurage women’s craftsmanship, a large piece of cloth is used as a diamond in the form of a single piece of cloth.

Another diamond is also considered a symbol of industriousness

  1. The art on the white background is shaped like a diamond on a yellow background with a combination of green, yellow and red.

Green-Yellow-Red is now not interpreted by scholars as a distorted view, but by a free-spirited international interpretation and historical interpretation.

  1. In the white class, three overlapping lines work as if we were competing

There are three layered black lines on the white line to further highlight Gurage, despite the wisdom in its traditional costume.

A good country starts with a good family and when eaten in Gurage, it is a symbol of strengthening social ties, expressing family love and unity.

If you come up with something out of the ordinary, then they have to re-think their position

Peace and love be upon my people

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