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Research in higher education institutions should be able to solve the problems of society.

Civil Service Commissioner Dr. Mekuria Haile said research activities carried out in higher education institutions should actually solve the problems of the society.

He made the remarks while addressing the 7th Annual Research Conference of the Ethiopian Civil Service University under the theme “Transformation and Development of Public Service Institutions”.

It was noted that the main purpose of the conference was to provide policy input to research solutions to address the challenges posed by service providers.

Civil Service Commissioner, Dr. Mekuria Haile, in his message at the forum said research done by higher education institutions should add value and solve the problems of the society.

He also said that more resources should be provided to young people engaged in research.

For his part, Prof. Fikre Desalegn, President of the Civil Service University, recalled that the University established the Department of Research Section seven years ago.

As a result, he said, he has been able to conduct research on civil service problems and make it accessible to stakeholders.

He said the studies are being used as an input to improve the service delivery of institutions.

Dr. Tadiyos Menta and Dr. Abraham Moges, who are participating in research activities at the university; He noted that despite numerous studies conducted at various educational institutions, they were less likely to be used for policy purposes.

In this regard, he said, studies should be sent to the relevant civil service institutions to be used as input for problem-solving policy options.

He said the results of research conducted by higher education institutions should be off the shelf and activated to solve the problems of the society.

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