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Hanan Tariq shows her amazing skills

Hanan is a popular celebrity known for her amazing performances on several Ethiopian movies. She is also a media personality. She is a queen of social media in the country amassing more than one million followers on Insta.

Ethiopians call for resilience of drought in Somali region

House of Peoples’ Representatives Standing Committee on Health, Social Development, Culture and Sports states

The Standing Committee made the remarks while inspecting people displaced by the drought at two camps in Ferburo and Koleda, Adile Woreda, Shebele Zone, Somali Region.

Dr. Bethlehem, Deputy Chairperson of the Standing Committee, said the regional leadership has done a lot to prevent the effects of the drought, but it is not enough.

She said the regional government should work hard to ensure that the Ethiopian people are properly informed about the seriousness of the drought and its effects.

According to members of the Standing Committee, the food, water and medical assistance provided by the government and aid agencies is inadequate.

The members of the Standing Committee stated that they are saddened to see citizens being abused and mistreated at this stage. He called on all Ethiopians to work together to end the crisis and save lives.

The Chief of the Somali Regional State, Mustafa Mohamed, thanked the members of the Standing Committee for their field observation. He noted that more than 1 million pastoralists had died as a result of the drought, the worst in 40 years.

He said the state government has allocated 15 million birr to provide water, food and medicine to the drought-stricken people.

According to information received from the House of Peoples’ Representatives, the Federal Government should allow additional budgets as the drought situation is serious if there is no further rain.

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