Artist Selam Tesfaye talks about her film life

Selam Tesfaye is a prominent Ethiopian actress who have performed on several movies as a lead actress. But the start wasn’t as you would have imagined. She has shared a lot to learn from specially for young talents who want to join the film industry.

“We believe the public will share ideas that will help ensure prosperity;
Mayor Adanech Abebe

“People are not talking today for general knowledge or to say that they have discussed it, but to make it a real planning resource.”
Mr. Adam Farah

Addis Ababa Mayor Adanech Abebe said in her opening remarks
“We have organized this discussion at the national level,” said Mayor Adanech Abebe.

He said the party aims not to listen to the grievances of the people but to gather questions in all areas.

“We believe that there are many important inputs that need to be implemented in all key areas of our city,” he said, adding that all participants should take the lead.

The Vice President of the Prosperity Party, Adam Farah, on the occasion said the people of Addis Ababa have contributed a lot to the development of democracy in the country since 1997 EC.

“The people of Addis Ababa are supporting the drought-stricken areas, the army is backing them in the same way,” he said. .

“We are working hard to make Addis Ababa a tourist and investment destination,” he said.

He said the Prosperity Party is working to make Addis Ababa a symbol of prosperity, a political, economic and diplomatic center of the country.

Mayor Adanech Abebe then presented the decisions and directions of the Prosperity Party conference to the audience and the discussion will continue to intensify.

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