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#Ethiopia | Balambarasa Abegaz Molla children and their families donated one million birr worth of school supplies to Kutaber High School.

Dr. Belay Abegaz and his family, who are known for their hard work in promoting cardiology in Ethiopia, donated materials to Kutaber Secondary and Preparatory School, one of the war-torn schools established by the Global Education Foundation.

The handover ceremony was attended by the children of Balambaras Abegaz Molla, the Deputy Administrator of the Woreda, Ato Ahmed Abebaw, the heads of the school office, other Woreda leaders, members of the school, principals, teachers and students.

2 automatic generators, modern photocopiers, 10 computers, more than 600 textbooks and sports equipment were provided to the school affected areas

Professor Berhanu Abegaz, who has traveled extensively in 84 countries and taught at various universities, said:

“In the future, we will continue to support our community and our former school-based knowledge base,” he said.

Another son of Balambaras Abegaz, W / ro Genet Abegaz, said the current support will solve temporary problems and will continue to support the repair of broken windows and doors.

He also said that he has been providing financial support to 10 female students in the school since 2009 under the family’s Global Educational Foundation.

Kutaber High School Principal, Dagne Gobeze, said the school had suffered heavy casualties during the war, adding that the support was research-based and timely.

He also called on all locals to contribute to the school.

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