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She is the most beautiful girl I ever met – couple edition

She was the first to show interest. While the guy with his friends she jumped into him and hugged passionately whispering to his ear “I love you”.

Fundraising of any kind without the consent of any party is prohibited

It was decided that no one could raise funds for the charity without the approval of the charity committee. The Authority’s Legal Services Director, Yonas Misganaw, told Bisrat Radio that a number of charitable committees are raising funds without the permission of the Authority, citing the current situation in Ethiopia.

It is said that the authority has the power to prevent various committees from operating without permission, but it has not enforced the ban on the protection of the community’s culture and tradition and will eventually come to legal action.
However, the decision comes after the charity noted that these charitable committees were using public funds in various ways for the benefit of the public, contrary to the community’s culture of generosity and assistance.

Accordingly, he warned that no charity could carry out any kind of fundraising on behalf of the public without the permission of the authority.

“Individuals and groups who have been collecting money without the permission of the charity have been called upon to come to the authority and get a license,” Yonas Masganaw told Bisrat Radio.

Dessie City Administration announces that it is a challenge to stabilize the cost of living in Dessie

Abebe Gebre-Meskel, the mayor of Dessie, the capital of South Wollo Zone, has been hit hard by the past attack in the town of Dessie.

He said the administration is currently working to bring various resources to the city through the free market, adding that it is difficult to stabilize the cost of living.

He said teff and similar grains are being imported from various woredas and neighboring regions, but some traders are still raising prices.

Dessie Mayor Abebe G. Meskel also told Bisrat Radio that if the wholesale and ambassadors’ businesses are fully operational, inflation will be alleviated.

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