Dani and Selita amazing love story of couples who met on tiktok

Selita is a presenter on Moa TV and she is also a tiktoker. Dani is also a known tiktoker specially for his roast edition.

Ministry of Education and Ethio Telecom sign a fundraising agreement to rehabilitate destroyed schools

The Ministry of Education and Ethio Telecom have signed an agreement to raise funds through text message.

The Minister of Education, Berhanu Nega, said that we will work to restore the destroyed educational institutions to a better level than before.

In all, 3,300 of the destroyed schools will be repaired by the demolished regions, while the rest will work in collaboration with partners, he said.

Ethio Telecom CEO Frehiwot Tamiru, for his part, heard a text message from 9222 and Tele Birr calling on the destroyed school to do its part.

Be patient with him

Oromia State donates 100 million birr to Amhara State

Oromia State donates 100 million birr to rehabilitate victims of TPLF terrorist group

During the handover ceremony, Oromia Regional State Chief of Staff Shimeles Abdissa said,

He cited the support of the Amhara region during the drought in Oromia, for example.

The TPLF has inflicted heavy casualties on the country. He said that by reversing this, sacrifices have been made to sustain the country and to pass it on to generations.

He said that everything outside of unity is the path to failure.

On behalf of the people of the state, Dr. Yilkal Kefale, Chief of the Amhara Regional State, thanked the delegation led by the delegation led by the Oromia Regional State President.

Believing that the TPLF is the enemy of all Ethiopians and Ethiopians, they have made every effort to thwart the group’s invasion. According to IBCO, the country has won a landslide victory over its heroes.

He said there are many forces that have fought against us. 3rd regular session of Addis Ababa City Council 1st year term begins

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Buzena Al-Qadir, officially opened the meeting.

The Addis Ababa Courts’ six-month performance, land acquisition and compensation issues are discussed and approved by the council.

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