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The dean of the University of Dembidolo made his own “drone” and successfully launched a pilot flight.

Amanuel Balcha, a graduate of the University of Dembidolo, a graduate of chemical engineering, has successfully completed a pilot flight.

Dr. Leta Tesfaye, President of Dembidolo University

Instructor Emmanuel Balcha indicated that he is working on two drones and one aircraft.

He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Arbaminch University and is currently working at Dembidolo University.

The university celebrated the “Innovation Day” with panel discussions and exhibitions by students.

He said the program is supporting university students in their creative endeavors and rewarding students who are exemplary in their creativity.

The University is developing and enriching the program with the following items: Drone, Coffee Maker, Wood Scrubber, Textile Machinery, Various Equipment Parts, Chicken Maker (Incubator), Various Vehicles, Drawer Motor, Baby Diaper, etc. According to information obtained from Dembidolo University.

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