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Menelik’s sw0rd returned to Ethiopia from the United States.

The wooden cross that had been looted with the sword at that time was also recovered.

In addition, letters, photographs, postcards, and text and photographs sent by Haile Selassie I have been returned to Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian National Heritage Committee has handed over the relics to the Archaeological Conservation Authority.

The Director General of the Authority, Prof. Ababaw Ayalew, said he has accepted the responsibility of preserving the returned heritage.

He also said that the monuments are a testament to Ethiopia’s historical precedence and power.

He also said that they are responding to those who are trying to tarnish Ethiopia’s history in various ways.

According to ENA, in addition to preserving and preserving the heritage, promotion work will also be carried out.

“Victory is intoxicating and deceptive, so be careful,” said Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed

The Prime Minister made the remarks while thanking the media and artists for their contribution to the “Campaign for National Unity”.

“The secret of our success is to be able to gather the potential, knowledge and experience of Ethiopian children,” he said. It is said that the power that despises this power has been defeated.

“The world has acknowledged that we have won and that we are a great nation that does not compromise on national issues,” he said.

I am the one who fought, I was wounded, I won; We cannot expect victory unless we get out of Camille’s mind and say “we”. “We must be careful that victory is intoxicating and deceptive, and we must take care of it,” he said.

Although the victory is inevitable, the contribution of the media and artists to the success of the victory is not easy, he said.

Media outlets have done more than what you have done so far
The Prime Minister conveyed his message to media leaders and experts that there is a need to work on three issues: national unity, national interest and lasting peace.

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