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Certificates awarded by private higher education institutions that teach more than their authorized credit rating are invalid.

Dr. Andualem Atanafe, Director General of the Authority, told Bisrat Radio that the Authority is not authorized to provide credit and other educational institutions without the permission of the Federal Education and Training Authority. When asked, they will review the business plan, the student’s bylaws, and the education they are receiving at the national level and, in particular, the obligation to provide a curriculum.

The authority also monitors the number of credits that must be given by the institutions, including the designation in Amharic and English. You can go up to 21 credit hours.

It has been found that some educational institutions charge improperly to increase their fees as they charge fees according to their credit hours; He said that students who have experienced this situation should apply. Dr. Andualem also told Bisrat Radio that if the authority takes into account the degree to which the students received more than the required credit, it will be in jeopardy.

Kenya’s education minister has warned teachers who beat students to refrain from their actions

Kenya’s education minister has warned that teachers in the country should refrain from doing so.

The minister’s comments came days after a student in the area was severely punished for eating five loaves of bread.

The school’s principal and other teachers have been arrested.

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