Fun time with Mensur Jemal

Mensur Jemal was a guest on Arts TV with lapis, mabryia matfiya program. He is a young millionaire who is creating job for hundreds of youngsters.

Drought situation in Ethiopia continues, Disaster Risk Management Commission says

Debebe Zewde, head of public relations for the Ethiopian Disaster Risk Management Commission, told Bisserat Radio that the drought in the two regions has worsened due to two seasons of drought in the Somali region and the Hagia rains in the Oromia region. He also said that it could continue.

In Borena Zone, 166,000 people have been affected by the drought, and the number of people in need in the zone has increased to 426,000.

During the first six months of July 2013 to December 2014, 69,000 quintals of food was distributed and more than 41,000 quintals have been distributed so far.

Nine of the 11 zones in the Somali region have been affected and 960,000 people have been affected by the drought. Debebe Zewde told Bisserat Radio that the number has increased to 3,360,000 compared to the previous victims.

At Hirna Hospital, a mother gave birth to twins.

According to hospital doctors, a mother gave birth to twins at Hirna Hospital in Hirna, West Hararge Tulo Woreda.

Herna Hospital doctor, Dr. Dagnachew Kasaye, said the mother had given birth during the operation and that she had two legs and a full body above her waist.

The doctor said such an incident was not uncommon at the hospital, adding that efforts were being made to find further treatment for the children’s feces and urination through their backs.

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