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The role of the residents of our city in the success of the African Union Summit is enormous

  • Mayor Adanech Abebe

Addis Ababa City Administration Mayor, Adanech Abebe

The mayor told ENA: He thanked the people of the city for their contribution in making the 35th African Union Summit, which kicks off today, and the 40th Executive Council of the AU, which concluded yesterday.

He called on the residents to strengthen their cooperation and hospitality until the end of the conference and the return of the guests.

“I am confident that you will treat everyone with great hospitality and beauty,” she said. Residents of our city say you have a huge role to play in making this AU summit a success.

“I urge you to continue your efforts to work for peace and security in the city in various ways, and I urge you to do your part to make the conference a success,” he said.

It is learned that various African heads of state, ministers, diplomats and other participants have arrived in Addis Ababa for the 35th African Union Summit, which begins today.

The Addis Ababa City Administration and its residents have also made extensive arrangements for the guests to have a pleasant stay.

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