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Late Tamirat Desta son amazing voice

Rapi solid waste power project announces that the waste inputs being presented to me has quality problems.

The Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) said that the construction of the Repi solid waste power plant, which was completed four years ago, is an obstacle to its operation.

Ethiopian Electric Power Communication Head Moges Mekonnen told Bisrat Radio: We learned that they were talking to the administration.

Bisrat Radio also asked Moges if there is a shortage of waste in addition to waste quality. However, he said that only one of the two units at the station is generating electricity, adding that if both units are in operation, there could be a shortage of resources.

It has been built to handle more than 420,000 tons of solid waste per year.

The 12th grade national exit exam is being held in Kombolcha town.

Kombolcha City Administration Education Department Head, Kedir Hussein, told Besserat Radio that preparations for the 12th grade national leaving exam have been completed.

He added that due to different reasons in the local area students are being given a national exam to transfer to higher education institutions.

He said 1,299 regular students and 43 private examiners sat for exams at three schools in Kombolcha, of which 676 were girls.

“There are no students left except for personal exams,” Kedir told Bisserat Radio.

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