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Soft drinks and dairy products seized during emergency inspection in Metu town.

Deputy Director of the Metu City Police Office, Assistant Inspector Kedir Abafogi, told Bisrat Radio that 20 soft drinks, canned pepper and dairy products were seized in 20 shops in the town of Metu, Ilibabor Zone.

According to a discussion with 1,778 shopkeepers in Methuen, 156 shops were given a final warning and returned to work.

In addition, 2,258 liters of fuel has been seized and distributed to the public.

Inspector Kedir Abafogi told Bisrat Radio that the laboratory inspection of soft and dairy products was found to be obsolete and harmful to health.

Exams to be offered for all undergraduate programs!

The Minister of Education, Prof. Berhanu Nega, held talks with the Presidents of public higher education institutions.

The discussion focused on the draft structure of public universities that will enable institutions to be more accountable and streamlined, as well as more efficient and effective.

He said exams will be given to all undergraduate programs in the next academic year to enhance the quality of higher education, both public and private.

He also stressed the need for universities to be places where the academic community can move freely from politics.

Prof. Berhanu added that the structural reforms that have been started to enable universities to fulfill their mission efficiently and effectively are a source of knowledge, research and innovation.

He also said that universities should work hard to change the lives of the local community and strengthen their mission.

The draft university structure document prepared by the program was presented and discussed by the participants.

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