Sibet episode 11-A kana TV drama

Congratulations on your baptism of light!

One of the stories of the Creator’s love for mankind is that he was baptized by John in the Jordan River. During this time, Jesus Christ showed us three wonderful things. His love, his humility, and his dignity.

Jesus Christ descended from heaven, was born of the Virgin Mary, and manifested His infinite love for us in human form. The love of Christ is not to be spoken, spoken or spoken of. It is visible and visible. That is why it is called the time of revelation. One should not show love but show love.

There is no stumbling block. Love seeks the lover, not the character of the lover. Jesus Christ loves us, not because we have something to love, but because He loves us. His love is not unconditional, but perfect.

The love of Christ does not depend on our response. Whether we like it or not, Whether we praise him or not, Whether we appreciate it or not, Whether we call on his name or not; He does not change from loving us. The rest of us are loving.

But Christ is not love, but love itself. We have seen this love manifested. Ethiopia needs love today. What Ethiopia wants is not conditional. What Ethiopia needs is the kind of love that will never change. If we truly love our country, no response will change us.

Whether our name is glorified or not, Our work, whether one knows it or not, Whether people admire us or not, Whether we are thankful or not, Whether we like it or not, Our love for our country should not change.

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