Yaltabese Enba episode 10 – B kanatv drama

The Feast of Tabernacles is being celebrated.

Addis Ababa: January 20, 2014 (FBC) The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church celebrates Eid al-Fitr today.

The ark of the covenant went out of the temple, and the priests, deacons, and parishioners went down to the baptismal font.

After the Ark of the Covenant was baptized, they spent the night there, singing hymns and other religious ceremonies.

The next day, the baptismal feast will be celebrated with various religious ceremonies.

The Ark of the Churches and Monasteries near Jan Meda in Addis Ababa will jointly celebrate the Feast of Baptism.

It is expected that this year’s Christmas and Baptism Day will be attended by a large number of Ethiopians and people of Ethiopian descent.

The Feast of Unleavened Bread and Baptism are among the most important religious and public holidays celebrated by Christians.

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